Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Launched in 2013, the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots (CTSKR) is an international coalition of non-governmental organisations (NGAs) working to ban fully autonomous weapons. These robotic weapons would be able to choose and fire on targets on their own, without any human intervention.

The Problem describes numerous ethical, legal, moral, policy, technical, and other concerns with fully autonomous weapons. Giving machines the power to decide who lives and dies on the battlefield is an unacceptable application of technology. Human control of any combat robot is essential to ensuring both humanitarian protection and effective legal control.

The Department of Robots and Robot Brands are supporting this worthy work with a series of t-shirts designed to be both thought provoking and fun. Kickstarting our CHARI-TEE (pardon the pun!) collection, is the CTSKR black tee. Bold and intriguing… get the conversation started knowing that you are doing your bit to protect humanity.

For every CTSKR t-shirt sold, Robot Brands will donate £10 to this great cause.