//About Us

Brand Concept

By 2045 many believe that robots will have the same brain power and intellectual capacity as a human being. By 2099 we may all be part robot!

Robot Brands brings you the world’s only robot inspired urban lifestyle brand for men and women who are looking for an authentic alternative to heritage based fashion. We are currently creating clothing and accessories which combine style, quality and and above all a recognition of our future. Just launched in London and Los Angeles, two of the world’s great cities at the forefront of street wear influences.

Our mission is to create innovative urban clothing and accessories with witty, relevant and philosophical themes. The collections aim to reflect the growing and inevitable relationship between robots and humans. We will manufacture to the highest standards, producing products rich in design and quality.

Our Brands


An urban wear collection for men and women steeped in the message that the future is coming. From the street to the club.


College style for all cool students and inspired by classic campus design. Exclusive student member only discounts and offers.


For an active lifestyle, the epitome of cool, mixing street with active wear.  The debut Robot Sport® collection will launch soon.


This is a demo store for testing purposes only - no purchase available